Our Services Range From Investment Management To Financial Planning.
No Matter What, Though, Our Focus Is You.



Our PRIME 360 Process

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

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Our History

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

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Our Team

Legacy. Impact. Integrity. Respect. We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.

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We Work For You

We build success through wise planning.

We believe we offer a better client experience through transparencyservice, and a superior investment management process. We strive to be efficient and effective.

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We’re Very Pleased to Announce that Derek Hines is a Ramsey SmartVestor Pro by Ramsey Solutions.

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Working with a Ramsey SmartVestor Pro does not guarantee investment success, and no assurance can be made that working with a Ramsey SmartVestor Pro will produce better results than working with a financial professional not affiliated with the program. Financial professionals pay a fee to be a RamseyTrusted SmartVestor Pro. Neither RamseySolutions nor Ramsey SmartVestor are affiliates of or affiliated with Private Client Services, Member FINRA/SIPC, or Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisors (“GPWA”)