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Our PRIME 360° Process is based on more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry and a corporate commitment to independent advisory services. Our PRIME 360° Principles are based on our belief that financial planning and life choices need to be considered in tandem. 

The Prime 360 Process and Principals

The Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisors PRIME 360° Process (GPWA PRIME 360) is designed to be a comprehensive financial management system based on our long-term, successful industry experience, access to industry leading applications and the independent advisory services to help implement performance-based choices in client portfolio development and management. This process is guided by a set of core principles or values that we practice and promote to our wealth management clients.

The PRIME 360° Process

The GPWA PRIME 360° Process is designed to be:

P – PERSONAL to each client
R – RISK AVERSE to minimize, monitor and control investment uncertainty
 I – INDEPENDENT in providing quality investments and services
M – MANAGED with tested practices focused on client results
E – EMPOWERED to help clients achieve desired investment goals


From the beginning of the client engagement, the GPWA PRIME 360° Process is client-focused, proprietary, and productive. We begin with a “conversation” with the client about their life and their goals and a review of their current portfolio; if one exists. Our ultimate goal is to work with clients to create and maintain a productive portfolio that focuses on their chosen investment goals through the use of our proprietary PRIME 360° development process. 

Risk Averse

Risk Management begins with focused client communications. Through the GPWA PRIME 360° Process, we work with clients to assess their risk tolerance and to align their investment goals with their chosen level of risk tolerance. We do this with a combination of investment tools, such as Orion Risk Intelligence®, and our own client communications and development processes. All of these things work towards an end goal in which the client is more educated and has a better understanding of their financial goals. 


From the financial advice we offer to the financial investments we utilize, to the service we provide clients, independence is the cornerstone of our business and the GPWA PRIME 360° Process. GPWA has chosen to use Charles Schwab as the custodian for the assets that we manage.  


GPWA PRIME 360° Process is proactive, goal-oriented, and includes ongoing monitoring. We provide dedicated, continuous attention to our clients and their portfolio performance. It’s a systematic process based on our industry experience, analytical tools, and benchmarking to work toward the financial goals that we established with clients. In client communications, we review portfolio performance in relation to risk tolerance and any opportunities for increased yield. 


Empowerment represents the circumference (full circle) of the GPWA PRIME 360° Process. It means setting long-term goals for retirement without missing those important opportunities to enjoy today. It’s about balance. It’s about making the right investment decisions today to pursue long-term goals for retirement and leisure. How long do you want to work? When do you want to retire? What will you do with your leisure time? Through the GPWA PRIME 360° Process, we work with clients to begin planning today for tomorrow’s choices.