• Who is Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisors (GPWA)?

    Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisors (GPWA) was formed as a result of a merger between Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management and Premier Investment Advisors in June 2022.  Together GPWA brings a combined experience in financial planning and investment management of 115 years, and includes a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Financial Planning® Professional (CFP®), and Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designations as well as a host of professional licenses.  As the merger took place, Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisors aligned most client portfolios into the Registered Investment Advisor model (see information below).  

  • Was the June 2022 merger a buyout or retirement move for any partners or advisors?

    No.  No money changed hands, and no partners or employees left.  We actually added two new employees as a result, and all partners and all previous support staff continue to provide services to the same clients as pre-merger.  This was a true blending of two firms with similar philosophies to create one larger and stronger company with a deeper bench of advisors and support assistants to better meet the needs of our clientele.  The merger also adds more depth with advisors and support in the event of any unfortunate sickness, injury or death to any of the GPWA team members.

  • Why merge companies?

    Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management and Premier Investment Advisors had discussions for over a year and found similarities in our backgrounds, our beliefs, our processes and our concern for clients.  We had in-depth discussions about merging and after much consideration we concluded merging our firms would add value to our clients, and opportunity to harness the best of each individual practice to combine into one firm that was much stronger than the two individual firms.  In our case we determined it was like:  1+1=3.

  • Who is Derek Hines, why is his name on my statement?

    Derek Hines is the “Chief Operating Officer” (COO) for Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisors.  Derek has 10 years industry experience, 6 years at Gaddis & Gaddis (4 years as a partner).  As COO, Derek Hines’s name is reflected on all Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisor client statements. 

  • Who is “MY” advisor?

    All clients are encouraged to call and talk to “any” GPWA advisor or support team member.  At the same time, we anticipate most clients will chose to continue to communicate with the same advisor and same team members as pre-merger.  This is perfect, however we do encourage all clients to get to know the entire team and to be comfortable talking to any GPWA team member if your primary advisor or assistant is not available.  All GPWA processes, portfolios and service will be at the same high level regardless of which advisor or team member you speak with.

  • What if I have questions or concerns?

    Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisor’s goal is to assist our clients in reaching their goals, on their timeline, within their risk tolerance, and to be happy along the way.  We welcome constructive feedback.  Please contact us if there is anything you have questions or concerns about, or to share ways you think we might be of better service to you, and our other clients.

  • Any cost/fee to clients from merger or custodian change?

    Any account transfer fees are being absorbed by, or reimbursed by, Gaddis Premier Wealth Advisors, so clients will NOT be out of pocket for transfer costs.  Account advisory fees will be standardized. A copy of the fee schedule was included in the account transfer paperwork. A duplicate can be provided upon request. Due to Gaddis & Gaddis Wealth Management terminating our relationship with Kestra Financial, and Premier Investment Advisors terminating our relationship with LPL Financial, the advisory fee for June through October may be split up and result in several entries.  If there are several entries, the GPWA team is watching and reconciling to verify the total charged is correct.